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High heels with comfort factor the wedge heel. Controversial in some is especially the femininity of this shoe heel, with the conviction that classic heels but are much more elegant. But for those who prefer a good mix of style and comfort, or perhaps a small variety of 7 cm stilettos need for the wedge heel shoes are the perfect combination of high heels and wearing comfort.

And at the moment they are also a big hit among the ladies shoes, to see again and again on the catwalk in the form of sandals, pumps, boots and the still relatively new very trendy wedge sneakers. Never since the brief appearance in the 70’s wedge heels have been presented to us so extensive, from Elegant, to really eye catching eye catching.

Wedge Heel Shoes

What many might not suspect, the wedge heel shoes are actually not a new invention. From a very early Chinese shoe designs, responsible for the mutilated feet of today banned Lotus Foot, a form of wedge heel shoes are recognizable.

The sole of the Chopine platform from the period of the Renaissance should also at a historical observation not be ignored, originally intended to accompany wealthy women over the then often dirty streets, you can already see here not only a predecessor of the platform shoes, but even a touch of inspiration for the wedge heel of today.

In the disco era in the 70’s of last century the the women shoes designer saw the fashion world again, but even then only for a very short time. Only in the last few years have wedge heels a great renaissance, but this to great effect.

Together with 70’s classics are here to discover many new fashionable innovations and newly invented paragraphs in boots, booties, heels and sandals, not to mention the very sought-after wedge sneakers which are very popular. Within this year new to be discovered Design Collections also very exciting Wedge Sandals with another distinctive design detail, ankle strap, a popular women’s shoe model in 2014 for all shoe – love.

Comfort and Style

The wedge heel shoes are very comfortable and stable while running and the race. It fits to almost all garments, from the feminine summer dress to short-and long pants. Shoes with wedge heels are just as good and can be used practically for leisure as well as for the world of work – and above all, they always offer a definite sense of well over extending our feet , who are there for us every day, so very happy.

In the selection of today’s wedge heel shoes there is no lack of fashionable colors and design details, as you can easily spot during a visit to shoe shop locally or online. Particular attention will be fashionable up-to-date lady shoes with wedge heels, especially of course in young trend-oriented shops.

In online fashion web stores some of the new wedge heel shoes styles that you can discover there, are to also become quite elegant and are thus also excellent for evening dress, how indeed can be observed on the catwalk. The growing diversity offers something for everyone who longs for the comfort and the trend factor of the wedge heel shoes.


Here we put some collection of new and stylish wedge heel shoes. Unfortunately you can’t buy these wedge heel shoes directly form our website, But if you want them to buy you can visit online fashion web stores.

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  • Awesome wedge heel shoes. Wedge shoes are so trendy in these days. I love to wear wedges. I have a 4 pair of wedges in black and white color. Thanks!!

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