Weight loss

Weight Loss Tips for Women

Weight Loss Tips for Women

Our body absorbed the energy from food and store it in cells and when we are doing rest than this stored energy is utilized by our body to regulate our body temperature normal. Hence our body required energy to maintain normal heart beet, continuing of breath in lungs, digestion of food and as well as for proper working of our mind and kidneys.

Our body health is also dependent of energy that we get from different foods. Illness reduces the energy too much and so we feel tiredness mentally and physically.

Weight Loss Tips for Women

Below are some weight loss tips for women and also about healthy diet plan to reduce weight. Women’s read and get benefit from these weight loss tips to lose their extra body weight.

Tips # 1

Use balance food diet to maintain the amount of cholesterol and fats in body. The food that we ate between the routine food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) should be balance.

Tips # 2

Ate green vegetables, fresh and seasonal fruits to maintain the body health. Eggs, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruit juices contain healthy ingredients that are best to maintain body required energy amount.

Tips # 3

Choose those foods which are rich in Vitamins and proteins in specific amount. But the excess use of these types of products that contain proteins and vitamins can cause health problems and as well as obesity.

Tips # 4

If you want to look smart and lose extra fats from body then do daily exercises (jogging, walking, jumping and weight lifting etc). These exercises put you fit mentally and physically.

Tips # 5

Make time table for routine working (eating, exercises and sleeping) and do you work on time. Drink at least 8 glass water in day, because water give moisture to our body cell and tissues to work them properly.

Weight Loss Tips for Women in Urdu

Weight Loss Tips for Women in Urdu

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