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WiFi Calls with iPhone

WiFi Calls with iPhone

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Apple offers a interesting feature to simplify and improve the stability of voice calls. This feature called “WiFi calls” which uses WiFi networks for communications, much like iMessages that use data. Apple integrated the WiFi calls with iPhone function in its latest versions of iPhone.

iPhone S5 and latest have feature to make and receive calls directly from WiFi connection. As the name suggests, WiFi call function allow you to make calls via WiFi internet connection.

You can’t only make phone call but also receive it wherever you are out of network coverage or even if your smart phone does not pick up any network. Unlike instant messaging applications, WiFi calls from the iPhone are totally transparent to your contacts.

Your contact list members can not make the difference between call from your operator’s network and phone call using the WiFi call feature. Please note that Wifi calling via iPhone isn’t free. All calls automatically charged according to your data package.

WiFi Calls with iPhone
Note: Same pricing applies for WiFi calls as those made directly from the mobile network.

Make WiFi calls with iPhone

To take advantage of WiFi call on your iPhone you must have an iPhone 5C or higher (iPhone 6, 6S) but also have a mobile plan or operator network that supports WiFi calls. Contact your telephone company to find out if it supports WiFi call feature and know the pricing details.

You may need following things to make WiFi calls.

  • iPhone Smart-phone (S5 or latest)
  • Wi-Fi internet connection

Activate WiFi Calling Function

  1. Turn on your iPhone (Make sure you have the latest version of iOS)
  2. Connect to wireless network
  3. Go to the Settings option
  4. Select Phone and WiFi Calls option
  5. Press the switch to activate the Wi-Fi calling function.

Once the option is enabled, you see “WiFi calls” status in status bar of your iPhone. From there, “WiFi calls” option is active and as soon as you are connected to a WiFi network, all your external calls go through Wi-Fi network and this significantly improve the quality and availability.

Note: With this service you can only make audio calls. Sending or receiving SMS and MMS can only be done from mobile network.

WiFi Calling in Pakistan

In Pakistan all network operators including Warid, Zong, Jazz, Telenor and Ufone support the WiFi calling feature. Users of these network operators can make WiFi calls but can’t use Apple FaceTime.

WiFi Calls with iPhone in Urdu

WiFi Calls with iPhone in Urdu

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