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Windows 7 Bootable USB in Urdu

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From time to time it may be necessary to reinstall the operating system of the computer. In addition, a new installation and when upgrading to a newer operating system such as Windows 7, is necessary.

Especially with netbooks, there are problems here quickly if no CD or DVD drive is installed and also an external drive is still available. For this reason, the installation of Windows 7 with Windows 7 bootable USB is recommended in such situations.

Windows 7 Bootable USB

In order to install windows 7 from Windows 7 bootable USB on a computer or netbook, you need a USB stick that has sufficient space available. With Windows 7 Professional about 3 gigabytes are required.

Also there are no other important files on the USB stick should be located, as these would be deleted in the preparation of the USB stick.

Furthermore, you need a computer via the USB stick can be configured. In addition, should the BIOS of the computer on which you want to install windows from Windows 7 bootable USB, you have to allow booting from USB, which is likely to be the case with almost all modern computers.

Configure USB for Installation

If you have purchased Windows 7 DVD version, an image of the DVD must first be created. For this purpose, a special program is needed. The required ISO image, for example, using the free tools ImgBurn are generated and stored on the hard drive.

  • If you have Windows 7 available for purchase as a download from the Microsoft Store, then choose the image thus obtained can be used directly.

Once the ISO image of your Windows 7 version is available on the hard disk is available, the Windows 7 USB / DVD comes Download Tool from Microsoft is used, which was developed especially for the transmission of a Windows 7 image on a USB flash drive or a DVD.

  • The program can be downloaded free from the Internet and must be installed on the computer, which you use to configure the USB sticks.

After installation, you must restart the tool. First, select the saved image on the hard drive out. Then there is the choice between USB flash drive and DVD.

For the installation of Windows 7 on a USB stick, select the USB option and search for the desired USB flash drive in the next step. Then the copy process can be started.

Windows 7 Installation

After copying is complete, the Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool, a bootable USB flash drive is available with the installation files for Windows 7.

This now needs to before starting the computer on which the operating system to be installed, be plugged into this. If the computer is not the same boots from USB, you need to change when you start into the BIOS menu.

This can be called with F12 on many computers. However, this shortcut key can vary and will be displayed at startup. In the BIOS can now be selected, it will boot from whatever media. In this way, the USB stick can select either directly or put in the priority list before the hard drive.

The necessary BIOS settings were taken or the computer has booted from USB, Windows 7 starts the installation. Then the necessary settings for the operating system configuration can be taken and Windows 7 is installed and configured on the computer.

Windows 7 Bootable USB in Urdu

WIn 7 installation tips in Urdu

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