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Windows 7 tuning tips and tricks

Windows 7 tuning tips and tricks

If you want to tuneup your windows 7 and want to speedup your windows 7 performance then turn off unnecessary system services and lightning fast boot up. Our windows 7 tips and tricks starts not only windows faster, but also ignites while working the turbo.

You can easy read and fallow these easy windows 7 tuning tips and tricks to speedup you computer performance.

Windows 7 Tuning Tips and Tricks

Windows 7 is indeed home of a nimble and reliable operating system, but with a few clicks here and a few setting changes there running Windows 7 in the future faster than ever. Here below we shows some windows 7 tuning tips and tricks like turn off windows 7 animation and use less visual effects to speedup windows and computer performance.

Turn Off Window Animations

  1. Anyone who has ever opened a lot of windows and this often changes back and forth, losing much of the time windows 7 plays every Maximize and Minimize a window an animation where one has seen fast enough. This animation you can easily switch off. You enter in the input box of the Start menu “Systempropertiesperformance”.
  2. Then opens the “Performance Options” window. In the “Visual Effects” Now unchecked “animation when minimizing and maximizing windows”. Minimize or maximize a window to the future immediately, without the animation.
  3. If you already have this settings window just opened, is also worth a look at the rest of the settings. So you can, for example, the representation of window and or disable mouse shadow or specify that its contents should not be shown when dragging a window. So you can personalize the visual presentation of Windows 7.

Use Less Visual Effects

The Aero interface requires quite a bit of performance, which becomes quickly noticeable especially on poor equipped computers. Here it may be worthwhile to turn off all the visual effects.

  • By calling on the advanced system settings. These can be accessed via a right click on the “Computer” in the Start menu and selecting “Properties” from the drop down menu. The Control Panel opens in the left tab and then scroll down to the “Advanced system settings”.
  • In the new window “System Properties” go to “Advanced” tab and click on the “Settings” button under “Performance”. Put more emphasis on performance, then choose the “Visual Effects” “Adjust for best performance” in the entry.

Anyone who possesses a powerful computer and more emphasis on the appearance of the operating system, choose “Adjust for best representation” of.

Windows 7 Tuning Tips and Tricks in Urdu

Windows 7 tuning tips and tricks

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