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Windows 8 Old Start Menu

Windows 8 old start menu

Although Windows 8 has reaped as a tablet system many laurels, it remains at desktop and Notebook controversial users. Too many miss the Windows 8 old start menu as easy to access for programs and settings.

We’ll tell you how to get back with an additional program to the Classic Start menu. On the tile interface of Windows 8 old start menu, there is the Desktop tile with which the user goes to the desktop known from previous versions of Windows.

Windows 8 Old Start Menu

Here below we tell you 2 simple windows 8 tips and tricks, that how you can change new Windows 8 start menu to Windows 8 old start menu.

#1 Replacement

Although the Taskbar is still there, the Windows Start button is missing. Microsoft has repeatedly made it clear that these belong to the past and not to come back. The of Microsoft provided “Replacement” is as follows. Does the user with the mouse in the lower left corner of the screen, the icon for the tile screen appears.

Here, the user can take, “Right click” with the “Left mouse button”. In this pop up menu after all Control Panel, Device Manager, Task Manager, Command Prompt, Windows Explorer and other functions to call. But a quick access to the traditional Windows programs missing there as well.

#2 Classic Shell

The developer Ivo Beltchev has with the open source software Classic Shell is developing a program that already windows 8 ran under the preview versions of Windows. After installing the “Classic Shell Setup” file appears in the Taskbar at the right place a start button with a slightly deformed Windows icon – the developers probably wanted to not violate the trademark rights of Microsoft.

Especially hard boiled rejecters of the tile surface can on the “Windows 8 Settings” the check mark at “Skip Metro Screen“. After booting up the computer, the view changes immediately after logging in to the “Classic Desktop” without the user gets the tile surface to face.

For the actual menu configuration, the tabs “Customize Start Menu” and “Special Items” most important here are the settings of the old Windows 7 Start Menu in principle ready.

The start button itself has, moreover, its own “Context Menu” that can be opened with the right mouse button and can be configured under the tab “Context Menu”.

The “Classic Shell” may incidentally be active only on the old desktop: This means that the operating aid can only call “old” Windows software, but no Windows 8 apps. To use this, the user must try the new tile surface Update:. Past two days, there is already a newer version of the “Classic Shell“, which also provides direct access to the Windows 8 apps is possible. On our test computer the previous version end of the update ran.

Windows 8 Old Start Menu in Urdu

Windows 8 old style menu in urdu

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