Windows XP

Windows Registry Keys Secrets

Windows Registry Keys Secrets

The registry keys are not a single self contained file, but an extensive Database, which works mainly with 7 files. These files be evaluated at each start of Windows XP and are about registry then Windows, and all working on the computer programs.

Registry Keys Secrets

Here below are the some important windows XP registry keys secrets and their functions also you can know about registry keys  and about their uses as well in detail.


In the upper section all file extensions for known file types are stored. If you have, For example, Microsoft Word installed on your computer, find here the Entry. Doc for Word documents.

In the right window you will see the entry standard of the value as the name for registered file type contains. Designation for registered file types appear in part as a key in the bottom. Here the properties of registered files are stored on other and the commands set that you see the context menu for a file type.

The corresponding commands you can find in the sub-key shell of a file type. More File properties that are managed here, ss also the symbol with which the file is displayed in the Explorer Commands that are executed when you double click the file name, So about the start of the linked program.

Here you will find a key named CLSID with numerous sub-basins, which are filed by OLE-enabled applications and ActiveX components. These keys are used by Windows XP to drag and drop and OLE for be able to implement certain programs.


Here are all information about users who log on to the computer that saved. This information set for firm B:-

  • Default settings for the Desktop.
  • Settings for the Control Panel.
  • Default settings for Network Connections.
  • Settings for the Installed Programs.

When installing Windows XP, the DEFAULT sub-key is created in which the Information is available that apply to all users of the computer alike. By default, find here the DEFAULT and SOFTWARE two key. If the user profiles enabled in Windows, so created a user is created at least one other key, that of the current user.


The current logged-on user. If a user logs in the start of Windows XP with the login name, all Settings from the HKEY_USERS key used. If no personal User name on the computer account, Windows uses by default the data for standard users from the key DEFAULT. Hence, the configuration the computer and the desktop for each user are identical.


Here are the hardware and software is managed. Similarly, the driver used. This means that the information stored here for all users of the System apply. When Windows start searching here on existing hardware. In sub-key Software Registry stores all information about the installed programs.


The main key stores information about hardware profiles. The key system / class can contain multiple keys named 000x, which are always numbered consecutively. Each of these 000x key stores information for a particular configuration.

Registry Keys Secrets in Urdu

Win XP registry keys in Urdu

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