Windows XP

Windows XP Tricks

Windows XP Tricks

Windows XP is come in different versions like Sp1, Sp2 and Sp3, So no need to worry about Windows XP versions. Almost in all the versions of windows XP, functions and programs are usually same.

But some new windows functions (themes, icons etc) are added and updated in higher Windows XP versions (Sp2, Sp3) as compared to Sp1.

Windows XP Tricks and Tricks

As we do lots of tricks with our Windows XP operating system for getting better performance. Today here we tell you windows XP tricks, Through these windows tips and tricks you can get better speed and performance from your operating system.

#1 Speed ​​Up Windows XP

Normally, Windows XP uses effects that let the operating system appear more elegant. Animations and eye candy to which one can do without. For a fast working a small footprint OS without these options is recommended. To disable these gizmos.

By clicking on System in the Control Panel and in the Advanced tab, under Performance, click the Settings button. Here you select “Adjust for best performance”. Also, if you want to enhance windows performance and speed the regularly update windows.

#2 Turn Off XP Desktop Cleanup

Also annoying is the message that you should clean up their desktop. Mama makes a Windows fortunately not daily attention to it, but still, you can switch this off so times.

To do this click on the Desktop with the Right mouse button and changes to Properties / Desktop Customize Desktop. This opens a window where you at Desktop Cleanup Wizard (class word, right?).

#3 Windows XP System Restore

Create your system periodically backup copies. For Windows XP that goes pretty easy. There is a system program that backs up the registry (read registry key secrets).

Open the program, they find it under Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Restore. In the new window, select “Create a restore point” and give the point a descriptive name such as xy 17.12.2013 before installation.

If you do this before you install a new program, you are on the safe side. About this recovery points can be the system state at any time reconstruct.

#4 Disable Memory Message

If the available disk space falls below 200 MB for XP, Windows XP forces the user to perform a system cleanup. OK, the place you need so sooner or later, but the message is annoying until you have done it then times square.

The message you get so carried away, You have to open the Registry go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer.

  • There you will add the new DWORD value NoLowDiskSpaceChecks. This value is set to 1 that’s it.

Windows XP Tricks in Urdu

Windows XP tricks in Urdu

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