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Winter weight loss tips

Winter weight loss tips

As you know, in the winter and hot drinks abound that give the body energy and gives warmth, but you know that in the winter blends are available and special drinks helps weight loss is definite.

So if you want to lose weight in winter then read this article and got maximum weight loss tips in winter season without any tension and extra work.

Winter Weight Loss Tips

1.   Of more drinks fame in their ability to burn fat accumulated in the body and because green tea contains antioxidants for active process of burning fat, also green tea antioxidants help the liver to carry out its task optimally, and works green tea can lower the level of sugar in blood.

Medical studies have shown that eating 3 cups of green tea a day contribute to burn 200 calories, making it a wonderful catalyst in operations diet.

2.   Mixing equal amount of cinnamon, ginger and ground cumin and put them in a glass case and took the amount outstanding of this mixture and add a cup of boiling water every morning helps to burn fat is very large, especially when added to the cup some drops of lemon juice, and covered the cup for 5 minutes so as not to evaporate oils useful.

As this helps the drink to stimulate blood circulation, especially of internal organs such as the liver, heart, kidneys, and help this mixture to activate the memory dramatically, and for high blood pressure patients prefer them to cup undiluted of ginger with lemon only warns eat this mixture for patients with stomach ulcers or patients allergic materials spicy.

3.  Drinking a glass of parsley boiled contributes a large amount to the increase in the burning of body fat, it helps clean the liver and intestine, as described by doctors for patients with kidney tonic good for functions and lotion its wonderful, parsley boiled pus and salts deposited on the kidneys, and is characterized by a drink that has no side effects.

Winter Weight Loss Tips in Urdu

Winter weight loss tips in Urdu

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