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Women Evening Dresses Designs

Women Evening Dresses Designs

The evening wear is as old as mankind. There is evidence that even the earliest tribes had furs that were worn only on special occasions. With religion came the fashion, from which emerged the evening wear. Clothes were not only reserved for the ladies, until 14 Century they were also worn by men. In the 16th Century came under the skirt a hoop skirt to made the clothes always cantilevered. Especially in the upper strata of society could not be pompous enough a ball gown.

Clothes became increasingly important for birthdays, religious celebrations and other occasions. While the everyday clothes were rather subject to the useful purposes and there was not much room, could be varied with the evening dress. That made from the special and stylish look of an evening dress, whose image has survived to this day.

Women Evening Dresses

Evening dresses come in all shapes and colors narrow or with inviting skirt, sleeveless, strapless or with spaghetti straps every lady is the owner of at least one evening gown.

Long Evening Dresses

In the ever floor length gown, some woman feel like a princess so. This particular category of evening dresses distinguished primarily by their elegance, style and high quality fabrics. An evening dress is not even just worn like this, there is always something special.

Short Evening Dresses

However, some clothes waive a sweeping skirt and snuggle up on the entire body close to the figure. There are evening dresses with low cut neckline, backless cuts, short sleeves, long sleeves, tank and completely topless models. Popular materials include silk, satin, lace, tulle and chiffon.

Cocktail evening dresses

In contrast to the evening dress is the cocktail dress, which is often referred to as the “little black dress“. It is usually softer and more cut and not floor length. Often cocktail evening dresses range to the knee. The choice of material is further used here it does not always have the best of the best to be, but what the vision does not diminish. Reduced importance of evening dress, today is often enough the little black dress.

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