World Luxury Hotels

World Luxury Hotels

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Luxury hotels are available in almost every country around the world. But what Nobel Hostels really worth it? A list of questions have thereby not processed (as always) the tester because of established criteria, they do not orient themselves.

Were decisive for them next to facilities and location rather how much “personality” the hotels exude as they respond to guests’ needs addressed is – in short, what is the comfort factor.

World Luxury Hotels

The winner is the Song Saa Private Iceland in Cambodia – Prince Albert of Monaco was in the first luxury island resort in the country a few weeks ago the honor.

2nd place goes to Brazil, 3rd place to Indonesia. Pakistani house has not make it into the list – at least 6 European homes are also represented. Here’s the whole list of top luxury hotels.

#1 Song Saa Private Iceland (Cambodia)

If you can not relax in the Song Saa Private Iceland, it can probably nowhere else. It is an unusual holiday destination, it has climbed to the top of the list. Absolutely unusual is this retreat in almost untouched paradise of Koh Rong Archipelago: 27 private villas were built using sustainable materials in harmony with nature.

They are spread on the 2 islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong, side by side in the ocean are located and connected only by a small suspension bridge over the local Marine Reserve. Price: Villa from about 1050 dollar / night.

#2 Fasano São Paulo (Brazil)

The new Fasano acts with its retro design more like a carefully renovated house, equipped with modern comfort.

50 rooms and 10 suites there, the spa area in the tenth of 20 floors and offers a sauna, steam room, fitness center and swimming pool – and with floor to ceiling windows a splendid panorama over the gigantic city.

The luxury house has managed in a short time under the best hotels in Brazil. Price: Double room from 640 dollar / night.

#3 Amanwana (Indonesia)

No class restaurant, not even a spa – and yet find the tester that this resort is perfect for a wonderful time out on the mini-island Moyo. 20 tents are right on the beach, wonderful clear sea water rushes in gentle waves on.

As with Flintstones there is a rock shower, with a stone, the water is turned on. With all kinds of fish and manta rays, guests can snorkel in competition or take the resort’s own boat to the outlying reefs of Raja Ampat. Price: from approximately 1100 dollar / night.

#4 Hacienda de San Antonio (Mexico)

The Hacienda de San Antonio looks into the setting sun made even more beautiful and beautiful Hacienda Hotel in the country – so the verdict of the testers.

It is planted along with its courtyards and landscaped gardens beneath an active volcano and the middle of the coffee plantations of the Colima-highlands. 25 vaulted suites, all with fireplace, are set around a large swimming pool.

190 hectares of land and communal spaces with Mexican art, sculptures and furniture are also part of the property. Price: Double room from 950 dollar / night.

#5 Fogo Iceland Inn, Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)

Here comes really you felt like the middle of nowhere – in a very beautiful and luxurious but … The view through the windows reaching to the floor in the rooms and in the restaurant of the sea is spectacular, setting up a successful mix of works by designers and locals.

Even kitchen and sauna are impressive. Great concept: Each guest is provided on the side of a local who shows him the island. Price: Double room with full board from approximately 750 dollar / night.

World Luxury Hotels in Urdu

World Luxury Hotels in Urdu

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