Yoga Exercises for Home

Yoga exercises tips for home

It is well known, one of the main causes of the high blood pressure is the stress in our daily lives. In this respect, yoga exercises for home can be very helpful. It helps to reduce the level of excitement and the daily nervous tension.

But if the reason for your high blood pressure is not only the stress and you have you been prescribed certain medications, be sure to once again talk to your doctor about whether and when you should start doing yoga.

Yoga Exercises For Home

Here are some yoga exercises for home, through these yoga exercises you can maintain perfect body health s as well as healthy lifestyle.

High Blood Pressure Yoga Exercise

If you have high blood pressure, should not be too long to run warm-up before the yoga exercises. In addition, the sun complexes and the rapid abdominal breathing are also not recommended.

You should also avoid Asana positions on the back and abdomen, as well as all inverted Asana positions, such as “candle”, “plow” and headstand.

Stretching Yoga Exercises

You might be thinking the same: What then remains of the Yoga exercises? By stretching exercises, meditation, breathing (Pranayama), managing emotions and relaxation, you can still positively affect your health.

There are many stretching exercises which are particularly useful, because the release of muscle tension relaxed properly. It is important here to synchronize the breathing with the movement. Breathe longer than you inhale, both must be done only through the nose.

Here are some stretching positions

Diabetes and Obesity Yoga Exercise

From the positions of the Asana is recommended “page curvature”, which is very useful. The “knee position” and the “cobra position” you do not have here also forget they are particularly useful in diabetes and obesity.

As for the technique of exploiting the positive emotions, you have to like to mention here: There is, as a rule, one way all the negative, strong emotions in our daily life such as anger, panic, hatred, resentment to avoid. That should be your goal, not to allow the negative emotions in your life.

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